More Hamsters!

5 01 2011

These photos of his new hamsters were another present to Payton this Christmas. They are Chaz (top), and Spike (bottom). Thanks goes out to Bryce for hamster wrangling, and Nancy for being a pro reflector! Hopefully more hamster photos to come soon *fingers crossed*


The Shirt Destroyer

5 09 2010

This is my friend Anna, a fellow avid Dragonette fan. Inspiration: Kaskade ft. Dragonette “Fire in Your New Shoes”. Shirts provided from Value Village- RIP cool/cheap t-shirts. Shot in my grandmother’s basement, which surprisingly worked really well, and even more surprisingly fit a 9ft backdrop. Shot on a Canon 50D, 24-70mm f2.8 lens.

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3 09 2010

Finally got together with my buddy Mike, also known as Meteor when he’s in his basement recording, after a very dull and unproductive (photography-wise) summer. We went ugly sweater shopping at Value Village, and I bought some new gear: used Nikon flash, 5ft teal and 9ft white backdrops. Unfortunately, I accidentally shot these at ISO 800, but my mistakes tend to turn out pretty cool. Here’s the result:

Nancy and Anna

23 03 2010

I had the chance recently to photograph two great friends (and sisters) from my workplace to get back into taking photos after such a long hiatus. I bought 5 ft. white seamless backdrop paper, and stands for the occasion. I used a Canon 50D, my 24-70mm f2.8 lens, and a small Canon flash to achieve these looks. So here are the photos I shot, set up in two different basements, on two different nights. It was a lot of fun, a lot of goofing around, and also a lot of editing afterwards (such as the backdrop being too short), but I liked the way the shots turned out, and hope you do too.

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Critters 2009

11 03 2010

I’m such a huge pet lover, and so are my parents, so we offered to ‘babysit’ my mom’s friend’s son’s hamster. So around mid-March last year we got the little fella for a weekend. On the Sunday, my dad had bought me the Canon 50D we had decided on getting, and I was getting antsy to shoot something… anything! Since being a big fan of some certain rat photos on RedBubble taken by Ellen, I had an idea of what I could do to break in the new camera. So, these are two photos from my mini in-the-kitchen-on-the-dining-table hamster photoshoot. Hope you enjoy! Taken on 50D with 50mm, f1.8 lens.

Recently, I bought a used Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens from a fellow photographer, and it is sweet (and extra heavy, I think I may have to start lifting weights to actually use my camera now, haha). Anyways, on a shoot a while ago, I got meet a fellow friend and photographer, Anna, for a bit of a collaborative photo shoot. We went to Harris Park, it was pretty overcast out, which was alright, I guess. I didn’t get too many shots I really liked (hence why none are shown here), but we came across this cute little baby squirrel on a tree. It looked pretty tame, so I walked up to the tree, started to pet his tail, then his body, then I was able to snatch him off the tree. I considered the ‘getting bitten factor’, but having raised over twenty of these little guys, I thought I could take my chance. Anyways, he was a little antsy and nervous in my hands, but other than that, he never bit me, peed on me, or pooped on me (that’s better than some critters I’ve had!) When I tried to put him back on the tree, he apparently didn’t want to leave, so we walked around with him more, took some snaps of him on our model for fun, and finally got him back in a tree. This was him looking down at me, almost like he was seeing me off and maybe even wishing me well.

Studio Images 2007-2008

11 03 2010

I thought I’d start off the new blog with some older photos that I still quite like, all done in the studio back in first and second year in college. First up, my ex, Danielle. I must have been going through some kind of white background period (and blowing out parts of the photos intentionally)… Taken with a Canon Rebel XT with nifty fifty f1.8 lens.

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