Mother Mother

5 11 2010

Back in September, I had the chance to go see Mother Mother and two opening bands. I thought I’d give live band photography another try, and finally two months later, I got around to editing the photos. If I had known better, I would have stood farther back off to the side, as there was better light. Live and learn, I guess. They didn’t turn out bad at all.

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3 09 2010

Finally got together with my buddy Mike, also known as Meteor when he’s in his basement recording, after a very dull and unproductive (photography-wise) summer. We went ugly sweater shopping at Value Village, and I bought some new gear: used Nikon flash, 5ft teal and 9ft white backdrops. Unfortunately, I accidentally shot these at ISO 800, but my mistakes tend to turn out pretty cool. Here’s the result:

Kaki King

11 03 2010

LOLA fest comes to London, Ontario every year, and plays in Victoria Park in the heart of downtown London. This was my first year attending, and first time trying my hand at live band photography. The artist is Kaki King, she’s an amazing guitarist. You can find her site here. We were lucky when we got there that she was just warming up and doing sound checks with only a handful of people hanging around, so we got to watch and find our really awesome spot right in front of the stage, just to the side of where Kaki would be. Anyways, she put on an excellent show, nice set of songs, and some great drum solos to boot. These photos are my retelling of this night. Enjoy!

Surrounded By Water

11 03 2010

I was asked to second shoot a band by my friend and fellow photographer, Anna. The band is Surrounded By Water, they are local to London, and were super cool to hang out with and photograph. It was fun to photograph them, I hadn’t heard of them beforehand, and didn’t have any idea who played what in the band and who was the frontman. They said to treat them as equals, so we did.

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Traci Kennedy

11 03 2010

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a local country singer, Traci Kennedy (find her website here) with local amateur photographer, Mike Whitman, again at the old train station. We got to borrow two really sweet guitars, a blue Epiphone Les Paul, and a massive Washburn hollowbody. These are some of my favourites from the shoot. Enjoy!

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