May 2012

11 05 2012

Mid-April, I was laid off from my grocery store job. Funny right? It may have been one of the best things to happen; I was stuck in a rut and miserable. But now I’ve been doing some job hunting (which sucks), and some soul searching (which doesn’t suck), hanging out with friends, taking some work-related classes, reading a lot, but mostly I’ve been bored. Every once in a while, I’ll get out taking pictures. A friend of mine, Taylor, and myself have been collaborating a lot lately. Here’s a few examples of our collaborations; I take the photos, and make her do all the running around and hard work šŸ˜‰

Recently had some film developed from when I went to Toronto for the day to see Final Fantasy Live. I found a neat little alley way near Church St. and fell in love with the tree.


April 2012

16 04 2012

I’ve recently gotten myself into archery (with help from Taylor); it is one amazing, and highly addictive sport! So, to commemorate, here’s some shots I did of Taylor and her bow.

Here’s a fun long exposure of us on the pier at Port Bruce!

Toronto, December 2011

25 12 2011

Earlier this month, I spent another weekend in Toronto with my good friend Nancy. We went to celebrate our birthdays together, as well as prepare of the crazy Christmas season ahead of us. Again, I brought my trusty Pentax along for the ride, and here’s a couple of shots I managed to get (and like); again adding to the theme of hot dog vendors and other street photos.

September 2011 – Toronto

13 10 2011

Visited Toronto again with my best friend, Mike. We went on a random shopping and eating trip, so I brought along my beloved Pentax for the trip. Last time I went, back in May, I had an idea to shoot hot dog stands. So I carried on with the idea, and shot a bunch more. Each time I go to Toronto now, I’m going to try to collect more and more of them; enough to fill a few pages in a book I want to create.

Toronto Night Time

18 05 2011

I just got back in from Toronto late Sunday night. Monday, I had my manager process several rolls of film that I had taken from my ’75 Pentax KM, and a Holga 120N with 35mm adaptor. It rained all weekend, so the Holga didn’t much enjoy the trip, but the Pentax did amazingly well, as I was smart enough to bringĀ along my trusty old light meter (with dust on it still from college) in hopes of getting some awesome night shots. I was also very limited to where I could take photos since I didn’t have a tripod, so I had to set my camera down on anything that was flat enough. To prop up my camera, I used the lens cap and my hand sanitizerĀ bottle.

The shots below were generally taken at 1 second each, and between f8-11, on 400 ISO film. I even managed to make a dark room in our hotel room to take out film from the Pentax to rewind it, and I’m pleased to say I didn’t ruin it!

Toronto is a great place to hang out at night, so many lights, foot and car traffic, book and music shops open until late, great food spots, the tantalizing smells of street meat vendors, and a great subway system that runs until about 1:30 in the morning. These were all shot in one night, and it turned out to be a much later night than expected! I even brought home a new addition to the camera family, my new Diana F+ Parisian toy camera.

Self Portrait on Escalator

Start of May

10 05 2011

So far this year, our spring has been horrible! It’s rained every day I’ve been off of work, and sunny and dry every day I do work! But once in a while, I’ll fool the weather and get out and have some fun. Best way to have fun around here? Play with your vintage film camera with a friend. Film is a great way to have fun with photography when digital becomes too competitive and stale (and since I work in a cheapo Photo Studio, I appreciate this even more so).

Shooting with film is fun, my lenses are tack sharp, determining apertures and shutter speeds with a broken light meter is always interesting, and the thrill of waiting to finish a roll of film and getting it developed and put onto a cd (courtesy of my boss at work). Recently, I got my paws on 2 Holga 120N cameras. Expect some nifty photos to come soon!


7 04 2011

I’ve been up to more scannography lately, this time with my friend, Nancy. Silliness ensued. So did some pretty cool results, enjoy!