Accidental Art

May 9, 2011: The weather has just started to become a bit nicer, and I’ve really gotten into analog photography lately. I’ve been shooting a lot with my ’75 Pentax (55mm f1.8, and 135mm f2.5 lenses), and recently bought 2 Holga 120N cameras. I’ve been working on modifying my Holgas to use 35mm film (as they are medium format, 120 film), and also working on light proofing of the plastic camera. I’ll be taking a trip to Toronto for the weekend, and I expect to do a lot of experimentation there, as well as visiting the Lomography store. I’m pumped! You can expect some interesting Holga photos very soon!

April 6, 2011: I recently got into something called “scannography.” Basically, it’s using a flatbed scanner to achieve a very unique look. You can scan yourself, objects, and paint on it. If you’d like some more ideas on what can be done with scannography, click here.

Painting on a scanner can be a little tricky. My dad and I made a box out of corrugated plastic board, and duct taped a box shape with no top or bottom. For the bottom, to protect the scanner glass, we attached a sheet of clear acetate.

March 8, 2011: I recently dug up my old 1975 Pentax film camera that I received as a gift from a neighbour of mine. It came with several spiffy lenses: 135mm f2.5, 55mm f1.8, and a 28mm f3.5. So I’ve been shooting for fun, and been experimenting a little bit, and am loving the results. Also, a great big thanks to my manager, Christine for saving my film, and developing it for me.

A mix of three photos that were on a jammed piece of film, love the effect

Took the dogs to the beach today, this is Delilah

The lovely Erin

My first panorama image

Snow fences at the beach

May 25, 2010: This is an experimental little section of my blog to show off some more off-beat stuff that I do for fun. I just got a new Canon 70-200mm f4 lens, which is my new love, by the way, and have been taking random photos on it at 200mm @ f4.

May 23, 2010: Went disc golfing for the first time today, and brought my camera with me. These are the results:

Propped camera on the ground, used live view, and manually focused my frisbee – interesting perspective.

Walked across a few bridges, on this one I was studying the quality of light.


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