University of Awesomeness

11 09 2012

A very good friend of mine, and former colleague, Kristle, recently wanted me to do some photos of her and her two adorable children at work in the Photo Studio. I told her I wasn’t going back, but duh, I’m a photographer outside of work too! She gave me free reign of everything, from: locations, editing style, posing, shooting style, etc. We had a very fun afternoon of trekking through burr-infested bushes, clearing out litter, trekking through a factory field of tall grasses and weeds, and playing Skylanders. These photos are of Kristle and Finn, aged 3; in a few weeks I get to photograph Kristle, Finn, and Miss Julia (aged 10) together, and greatly look forward to it! Enjoy the extreme cuteness and love between these two!

And last, but not least, what might be my favourite shot of the day…