May 2012

11 05 2012

Mid-April, I was laid off from my grocery store job. Funny right? It may have been one of the best things to happen; I was stuck in a rut and miserable. But now I’ve been doing some job hunting (which sucks), and some soul searching (which doesn’t suck), hanging out with friends, taking some work-related classes, reading a lot, but mostly I’ve been bored. Every once in a while, I’ll get out taking pictures. A friend of mine, Taylor, and myself have been collaborating a lot lately. Here’s a few examples of our collaborations; I take the photos, and make her do all the running around and hard work 😉

Recently had some film developed from when I went to Toronto for the day to see Final Fantasy Live. I found a neat little alley way near Church St. and fell in love with the tree.