Forsythe Family Photos

25 12 2011

Recently, my Uncle had asked me to take some photos of his family, so we arranged to take them yesterday afternoon before our annual Christmas dinner. The day started off nice and sunny, but by the time we were to leave, the sun obliged, and went away for a bit so I could have a nice overcast day to work with. It was nice getting back into portraits (and digital), after a long hiatus, consisting mainly of film and street photography, and working non-stop throughout the holiday season. I’m still in shock over how much my cousins have grown (and how much I haven’t). Overall, I’m very pleased with how these turned out.

From right to left: Conor, Karan, Pat, Ryan & Wallace

From right to left: Conor, Wallace, Ryan, Karan & Pat




Toronto, December 2011

25 12 2011

Earlier this month, I spent another weekend in Toronto with my good friend Nancy. We went to celebrate our birthdays together, as well as prepare of the crazy Christmas season ahead of us. Again, I brought my trusty Pentax along for the ride, and here’s a couple of shots I managed to get (and like); again adding to the theme of hot dog vendors and other street photos.