Start of May

10 05 2011

So far this year, our spring has been horrible! It’s rained every day I’ve been off of work, and sunny and dry every day I do work! But once in a while, I’ll fool the weather and get out and have some fun. Best way to have fun around here? Play with your vintage film camera with a friend. Film is a great way to have fun with photography when digital becomes too competitive and stale (and since I work in a cheapo Photo Studio, I appreciate this even more so).

Shooting with film is fun, my lenses are tack sharp, determining apertures and shutter speeds with a broken light meter is always interesting, and the thrill of waiting to finish a roll of film and getting it developed and put onto a cd (courtesy of my boss at work). Recently, I got my paws on 2 Holga 120N cameras. Expect some nifty photos to come soon!




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