Nancy and Anna

23 03 2010

I had the chance recently to photograph two great friends (and sisters) from my workplace to get back into taking photos after such a long hiatus. I bought 5 ft. white seamless backdrop paper, and stands for the occasion. I used a Canon 50D, my 24-70mm f2.8 lens, and a small Canon flash to achieve these looks. So here are the photos I shot, set up in two different basements, on two different nights. It was a lot of fun, a lot of goofing around, and also a lot of editing afterwards (such as the backdrop being too short), but I liked the way the shots turned out, and hope you do too.

I had Nancy take a quick shot of myself in my “office” to update my About page photo, since the last one was nearly two years old. This photo was a real pain to edit; the 5 ft backdrop just wasn’t long enough, so I had to make backdrop to drop into place where it didn’t cover.

And just for fun, the sisters together!




One response

31 03 2010

Yay Carlie Farley!

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