Families 2008-2009

11 03 2010

I love photographing families. I mean, I really love photographing families (and kids!), but especially when it comes to my best friend, Mike’s family. This is his sister and her family. They are amazing people, so cute and photogenic.

Back when I was in first year, I was asked by Tanya to do some maternity photos for her, this is my favourite shot that I came up with. I think it’s still pretty unique, and definitely not the normal type of maternity photos that are usually shot.

In the photos below, I had rented a muslin and a set of lights from the school. So I had gotten the muslin set up in my client’s living room, hanging over an armoire; plugged in the lights, light meter out, and tried testing them. Nope, didn’t work. Changed batteries. Nope, didn’t work. Ok, so my lights weren’t working, it was around 4pm in February, dark soon. So I thought, alright, so I’ll just use their massive front window for light. I turn on my camera, but wait, it isn’t turning on. I had checked all my gear before I left for their house, and the night previous, batteries were full. Thankfully I remembered about the attachment to the battery grip where you can put 6 AA batteries in, so I found 6 AA’s, and ran my butt back over to their house to shoot. So now my camera was working, we had gotten little Vivian on the muslin and propped nicely on her dad’s arm, and what does she do, she pees all over his arm, all over the borrowed muslin. It was a crazy shoot where just about anything that could go wrong, did. But do I ever love the results, even using window light, and my 50mm lens wide open at 1.8. Vivian was 2 weeks old in these photos.

Now for something a little more recent. Here are my younger cousins, photographed at our train station. It was such an impromptu shoot, but I’m still quite happy with the results.

Recently, I’ve decided that I love photographing kids; maybe it’s because I do it daily at work, but it’s definitely something I really want to invest more time into (and some yellow rubber ducks, too).




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